Chillio Soda the spicy sparkling soft drinks, full of flavour, inspired by South America.

The flavour combinations and recipes are based on local street drinks of that region. All of our drinks are low calorie, vegan, gluten-free, and have no refined sugar. Chillio Sodas also contain NO artificial colouring, flavourings or preservatives. Chillio Soda is a dry sessionable drink, perfect to have with your friends as a great alcoholic alternative. Chillio Soda has diverse and bold flavours inspired by Peru, Mexico, and Cuba that will spice up your taste buds.




Known for its vibrant music scene, iconic cigars, and classic American cars, Cuba is one of the most singular islands that continues to inspire artists, visitors, and especially foodies. The Habanero Chilli is know to have an unparalleled flavor, this balanced with Pineapple, Prickly Pear, and Lime adds sweetness and zest, creating a well-rounded dry sessionable drink. The Habanero Chilli is named after the Cuban city of Habana, from which this recipe is based upon a local street drink.



Experience the spice and thrill of Peru as you sip this Chillio Soda. Home to vast rainforests, deserts, Machu Picchu, and the Andes mountains, Peru is rich in history and flavour. Be transported to the Sacred Valley of the Incas as you taste flavours of Guava, and Lime with a bite of Pasilla chilli. The spiciness of Pasilla chilli supported by Guava and Lime, Chillio Soda creates a refreshing soft drink to transport your pallet to travel to Peru.




Once ruled by the Mayan civilization and the Aztec Empire, Mexico is famous for their ruins, impressive beaches, rich culture, and amazing cuisine. Chillio captures the country in a can with the jalapeño chilli, a unique and iconic Mexican ingredient. This balanced with watermelon, cantaloupe and lime creates unique flavour profile to transport your taste buds to Mexico. This is the hottest Chillio drink in the range giving spice lovers a great kick.