Why Chillio???

October 5, 2015

Why Chillio???

It’s a healthier, tastier, alternative soft drink

It gives choice to the consumer to alternative sweet sugary drinks

It’s a drink with natural sweetness and no additives

A sophisticated drink that could be enjoyed by sipping rather than guzzling, in the way most alternatives are consumed

A drink to make you feel stimulated and invigorated

To create a drink that heightens your taste buds and leaves you wanting more.

Added benefits of chilli and its known abilities to:

- Helps cardiovascular diseases

- Antioxidant

- Help overcome some cancerous diseases

- Combats bad cholesterol

- Mood change and generate natural endorphins

- Raise metabolism

- Contain vitamin C equal to 7 times the level of oranges

- Contain vitamins A&E

- Relieve migraines, muscle and joint pain

- Aid diabetes

Social benefits of chilli

Today’s health conscious generation have embraced a reduction of alcohol and sugary drink consumption, Chillio gives a fantastic alternative within the marketplace.

A unique brand with credentials different to those currently offered

Being a natural stimulant with mood altering qualities, chillio’s well-paired flavours are complimentary to your dining experiences.

Lee Ginger

Having worked in the same business of property management for 3 decades and experiencing three acquisitions I am considered as an organized safe pair of hands with a touch of OCD not forgetting a hint of chilli!!!. My family, friends and colleagues are my world; I can’t wait to share this exciting new chapter exploring the chillio quest with them all.

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