Taste is Key - Pink Grapefruit Ginger & Chilli

September 25, 2015

Pink Grapefruit Ginger & Chilli

*Colour*To be pink in colour representing the colour of the pink grapefruit when cut being slightly translucent

*Odour *Fresh fruit odour natural and vibrant with the slight scent of ginger

*Prefered taste*Sweet and sharp, zesty with a warm chilli note and gentle ginger undertone*Sense of taste to avoid

*No chilli effect from inhalation or artificially over sweetened with acidic metallic after taste. Not to be too watery

*Chilli strength*Medium strength to give a warm taste that similar of the sense of an alcoholic drink such as a large gin and tonic

Simon Mace

Simon was brought up in South East London, developed a very early passion for playing rugby and represented Kent through the age ranks culminating with a place in the Blackheath 1st team squad. Sadly he suffered a career ending injury age 19 and since then he has concentrated on a career in the services industries, having successfully built and sold 3 business.

Now living in East Sussex with his wife and 3 kids he has decided to try and revert to doing something he is passionate about again. Working with good friends up against the likes of Coca Cola and Schwepps bringing a new drinks concept to the market, Chillio is a dream that they are all passionate to bring to life.

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