Tasting is Key - Watermelon & Chilli

September 25, 2015

Watermelon & Chilli

*Colour* To represent the colour of the watermelon when cut red however being slightly translucent

*Odour *Fresh fruit odour natural and vibrant*Prefered taste*Light fresh and crisp taste of watermelon naturally sweet with a chilli kick

*Sense of taste to avoid*No chilli effect from inhalation or artificially over sweetened with acidic metallic after taste. Not to be too watery

*Chilli strength*Medium strength to give a warm taste that similar of the sense of an alcoholic drink such as a large gin and tonic

Steve Laurie

Stephen Laurie is a wholesaler of a multitude of products, and previously has had experience in the food and drinks industry. He loves to travel, and loves extreme sports, hence why he is always looking for something adventurous. He is a family man with two grown up children, and he’s a bit nuts.

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