The Provenance

September 25, 2015

The concept of chillio was born from the desire to replace the sensation you would feel from sipping an alcoholic drink. It began by using freshly pressed juices that were paired with chilli's that would complement a blend of fruits.

As we started trialing the drinks it became apparent that we had a great concept. In todays market sugar is added to almost everything to increase flavour, however this has a detrimental effect on your palate. We have established that by introducing chilli it enhances sweetness, enabling our drinks to have more flavour with lower sugar content. Eureka! Through this process we have acknowledged that chilli is a fruit that deserves greater recognition.

Having tried a variety of chilli’s and establishing their unique qualities from flavour to strength according to their position on the scoville scale (a measurement of pungency of chilli peppers SHU), we tested relentlessly until we found the perfect combinations. We then worked in partnership with our developers to replicate the flavours of cold pressed juices to produce a semi carbonated, naturally low sugar soft drink.

 The outcome is exceptional.

We have spent a great deal of time experimenting with this idea and are committed to bringing the provenance of Chilli and our combinations to the people.

We hope that you enjoy our new and exciting drinks. Please support us on our journey as we take on the sugar peddling world of soft drinks.

“Who knows what will happen”

Steve Laurie

Stephen Laurie is a wholesaler of a multitude of products, and previously has had experience in the food and drinks industry. He loves to travel, and loves extreme sports, hence why he is always looking for something adventurous. He is a family man with two grown up children, and he’s a bit nuts.

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