Taste is Key - Pineapple and Coconut.

September 25, 2015


*Colour*To represent the  fruit colour however paler in colour and being slightly translucent

*Odour *Fresh Pineapple in fragrance.

*Prefered taste*Light fresh Pineapple with a coconut base flavour followed by a warm undertone of chilli.

*Sense of taste to avoid*No chilli effect from inhalation or artificially over sweetened with acidic metallic after taste. Not to be too watery

*Chilli strength* Mild strength to give a warm taste that similar of the sense of an alcoholic drink .

Lee Ginger

Having worked in the same business of property management for 3 decades and experiencing three acquisitions I am considered as an organized safe pair of hands with a touch of OCD not forgetting a hint of chilli!!!. My family, friends and colleagues are my world; I can’t wait to share this exciting new chapter exploring the chillio quest with them all.

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